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The Brand – SPA INDIA is the sister concern of PRAKRIT. Hailing from the family of Soap Oil Traders M/s Dharam Das Tirath Das and Co. established in the year 1925, PRAKRIT has developed strong expertise in developing melt and pour soaps with deep insights in understanding the soap and cosmetic industry.

SPA INDIA today is a worldwide recognized brand with an exclusive range of SPA Products. At SPA INDIA we offer a variety of products for facial glow from soft creams to mositurinzing lotions, cleansers,ubtans, toners, gels and pure herbal scrubs to keep your skin youthful, shinning and supple.
For hair care, our products range from ayurvedic hair oils with a blend of authenic and rare herbs for a relaxing head massage to parabean free shampoos and conditioners for keeping your hair naturally long, strong and lustrous.
SPA INDIA boasts of a huge collection of pure essential oils to give you a perfect positive feel and relaxation. Our highly skilled team of experts lay special focus on manufactuing premium quality products, while ensureing that hand-picked natural ingredients are used for all our preperations.
SPA INDIA proudly introduces its premium men’s collection for urban and progressive men to give them a rich and toned body.
SPA INDIA has left no stone upturned to give its customer the ultimate feeling of positivity and wellness. We hereby announce the latest addition of fragrant divine candles and salt lamps along with divine puja oils.
SPA INDIA values each and every customer with pride. To suit your needs and body type your liking and mood our team of experts can customize products at a special price.
So begin your journey with us for a youthful, glowing and natural experince ……..and keep in touch….

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